Why I don't have an Ipod.

It seems like everyone I work with owns an I-pod. They plug them into their computer speakers and let them go. I continue to bring a stack of Cd's with me each and everyday. Here's why...

1. I really do like to listen to the whole album. There are a number of artists that I have no interest in purchasing an entire CD by them but I like a few songs. They're gonna have to do better than that to earn my money.

2. I have like 400 CD's and 3 CD players. The amount of time is would take me to put all my music on an MP3 player would be incalculable. Plus, an 80 Gig I-pod is $349. I would want the largest they make because I want all my music accessible if I'm not hauling discs anymore.

I recently purchased a Great CD (Rush - Moving Pictures) for $6.99 used. So for $349 I could buy an I-Pod or I could but 49 CD's!!! Holy crap! plus I don't need to buy a CD player, I've got 3 of them.

In all honesty I do own a 512MB I-pod knock-off but it only gets used by my wife when she goes on her morning walk. I'm a little on the lazy side.

Is this all vain justification because I'm poor or is it an honest rant? Both?

Probably, that's what a blog is for, right?


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