2 Hours in the Car

So I drove to Muskegon and back this morning.

I had to stop at the library to map quest the place so I didn't get lost, as is my usual custom when going somewhere new. So naturally I grabbed our 'on-hold' stuff.

On the way there I stated with the Decemberists - Castaways and Cutouts. It's good, but it's weird. Not what I'm looking for in the car. I did like the lead track 'Leslie Anne Levine' interesting story that I'm not sure I understand. about 4 songs into this CD I switched to...

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
. Pretty good. I kinda understand why this album was so controversial when it came out, because it's very rock n' roll sonicaly, but it's Folk music lyrically. No one had done that before. It gets a little old for me, because each song is 'full on' the whole way through, which isn't that bad on it's own, but each song also has like 7 verses with a chorus in between each and a harmonica solo to remind me why I don't play one.

On the way back I popped in Nickel Creek - Why should the Fire Die? Amazing. Holy Crap, Amazing. It's not fair that 3 people can be so stupidly talented. Great BGV's, great arrangement, just great. On the Track 'Can't Complain' they modulate no less than 4 times, but not in the P&W 'let's take it up' style. They go up and then come down and all around. It really works within the context of the song. I love it.

So anyway, that was my morning. Then Jesse called and we talked for 10 minutes and I had a great afternoon too.


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Andrew said...

I always liked Highway 61 Revisited. Dad had a copy on cassette when I was younger. It was really my first Dylan experience. And on another note, you should checkout Yesworld and take a look at the video for the Bill Bruford Anthologies. That man can play.