The Latest 'or' "I know what you did last week"

Yesterday, Nancy told me I was "Mr. Supper Blogger" because I "blogged, like 4 times a day." I then remembered that I hadn't posted since Wednesday, and I felt a feeling normally refered to as 'shame.' Thus I'm posting this smörgåsbord of relatively useless info now.

Thursday, I got a call back from the reason I was in Muskegon on Tuesday. Stanley Steamer wants me to take a Drug test. Shouldn't be a problem, I don't even drink Coffee, let alone substances that are really bad for me. Also I catch whatever Timmy has, and it sucks to be sick.

Friday, I pee in a cup. Also I have the day off, so I pretty much just hang with the wife and son. We watched the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I remark for 100th time that Liam Neeson is perfect for the voice of Aslan.

Saturday, I go to work and I get 3 phone calls and 1 live chat in an 8 hour shift. Holy Waste of time Batman! I think I read every other blog on the web. Seriously.

Saturday night we watched A Cinderella Story. Not bad. It started kinda slow and some of it was wasted on me because I'm not a teen-age girl, but I do think the Step-mom was pretty evil. The soundtrack had Edwin McCain and the Goo Goo Dolls, so that was a plus.

Sunday was Easter and thusly being, the Party Sunday to end all Party Sundays. At least it should be, but it was snowing. Yeah, on Easter. Snowing. What?

In honor of Party Sunday (Resurrection Sunday step aside) you need to read this article.
Understanding Redemption Should Mean More Partying

As per the Easter Bunnies explicit instruction, I ate WAAAAAY too much food that was not good for me and now I think I'm a step backwards in recovering from what I caught from Timmy. Dang.

Monday (or Today) I talked to the Gents at Stanley Steamer and I got the job! Yeah, we're moving back to Muskegon. It's about dang time.

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