Pray For me

I'm a little concerned right now, because I'm guest leading worship this Sunday (4-15) and I currently have a very severe cold. I can sing, but I know it's not in tune. My wife and my sister will also be singing, so things are covered. I just don't like things being this far out of my hands.

That's kinda silly isn't it. I trust my life to Maker of all things, to direct and change as He wills, but when I get a cold I feel like things are out of my control?


Still pray for me.


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barbryelin said...

All will be well. Jack and I are so looking forward to your service. I am honored that my "extended" family will be sharing the Lord's word and grace with us. As far as your voice - I haven't had a good laugh in a long time (just kidding of course). We will be praying for you and Jessica, Nan is on her own!!!!