The underdog.

One of the blogs I read everyday is the Secret Music Life of Kat. This might strike some as strange since I am not an independent recording artist, but I'm working on it, so there.

Today she posted a link to Josh Garrels website noting that he 8 free songs to download. I almost always take her advice and listen to what I can. I really like Josh Garrels. Very creative, very original, sweet Background Vocals.

Give him a listen. If you're disappointed, it's free anyway, so whatever.

Here's his download page and his homepage.


kat said...

I'm honored you read my blog daily, I suppose I'd better get back to posting daily. :-)

I love the picture of the church sign that you posted. That's hilarious!

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you.


Christopher said...

Wow, someone who's not my family or close friend posted on my blog!

I've actually been following it for a while, dreaming...