It's been a while

It seem like I haven't posted ina year, but it's really been more like 2 weeks. Here's what's been going down.

1) we applied at an apartment complex that we really liked, but we were turned down because I hadn't had my current job for 3 months. Kindas siully, but that's the way it rolls sometimes.

2) we applied at another apartment complex and are wiating to hear back from them.

3) I started a new job at Stanley Steemer but I don't enjoy it for a number of reasons that I might go into later, but not yet. I took the job so we could move to Muskegon, and thus far it has accomplished just that.

4) everything I own is in my parents garage. Jessica and I are sleeping in the guest bedroom and Timmy's sleeping in his room. Grandkids always get their own rooms at Grampa and Grandma's House don't they.

5) Jessica and I have been reading "Why men hate going to church" by David Morrow. It's messing with my head. I see myself in this book. I am the 'nice-guy' who was raised in the church. Crap.

So if you're praying type, please keep us in mind. We're unsettled and I'm unhappy with a job I've only had for a week. Kinda bad on their own, even worse when taken together. Kinda like Advil and heart medication. Okay, maybe not like that, but you get my gist. Jeez.


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