Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos

Surgeon Generals Warning - "Critique of a Specific CD. If you haven't listened, you won't care, don't bother reading. Do not take if pregnant or opperating heavy machinery"

So I bought Dream Theaters new album 'Systematic Chaos'

I'm very, very dissapointed.

I got into DT because of their Prog Rock. It wasn't completely cheesy like most modern prog bands. I really like Images and Words, A Change of Seasons, and Scenes From a Memory. The more Prog albums. Six Degrees is sorta up in the air for me. I love the second disc, but the first is just ok for me. Train of Thought is only good for me if I think of it as a straight ahead rock record. Like an AC/DC album. Not like a DT album.

The first track of Systematic Chaos makes me think that it's like TOT pt2, but not so. It is much more like Melancholy and the Ifinite Sadness than Back in Black.

It gets very dark and depressing and I can't even bring myself to listen to it any more. It sorta blurs together into a a very dark and heavy stew.

There was a time in my life where I would have loved this record and reveared it for it's dark beauty, but I'm not that person anymore. That's not to say I've lost my mind and stated listening to Hanson, because I haven't. I've just learned to love the light and the dark. Musically speaking, the dark exists to make the light that much brighter, not as a means of it's own.

DT, Some of us still love the Prog. Don't be afraid to do what you want, just don't forget about the ones who brought you to the ball.

Oh well. The documentary on the bonus disc is very cool. Don't know if I'll ever watch it again, but it was cool the first time.


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