A Grip of Joy!

Firstly, I don't have any street cred. If I use slang of anysort it's purely for the humor of whatching the silly caucasian act cool.

I can use the term grip, however, because my best friend is from So-Cal. So there.

A Grip, as it's currently used, means a lot of something. Used alone, as in "He's got a grip" means someone is rich. So in other words, I'm in a very good mood.

What creates this feeling of euphoria, you might ask? Psycologicaly releaving myself on an ususpecting puplic in my last post? Kinda, but no. Get a raise at work? HA!

No the joy I currently feel is akin to opening that huge Lego set at Christmas, or getting my own 'real' bike.

Today I recieved a 1973 Simga 12 String acoustic Guitar. It was given to me by my Mother-in-law who got it in High School, and Never Played It!!! Ladies and Gentlemen this instrument is in nearly pristine condition. It's got a few finish scratches, but that's it.

To top that off, its my first acoustic guitar with solid back and sides. That's like a coming of age in the guitar world. The only thing that tops hearing the words "Free Bird" shouted durring a gig is getting your first colid wood acoustic guitar.

Jessica thinks it's probably worth money, and I think she's right. I'm interested, but I won't let that prevent me from playing it. It was meant to be played and I like to think that it's found a good home.


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Andrew said...

AWESOME! Let me know if you need anyone to play with. You'll probably see a very long post on my blog about stuff within the next couple of days.