Maybe he gets it better than I

So I'm still reading John Piper's 'The Pleasures of God.' It's kinda thick and I don't like reading this type of book too fast. If I miss a small detail in 'The Deathly Hallows' that's not really a big deal, but if I miss something about God, I really do miss it.

I just read the chapter about 'God's Pleasure in Creation'. JP talks about how the creation was designed to point us to the Creator. Any glory we see in creation is meant to point us to the glory of God.

It's easy to understang this idea when you're young, when you're seeing everything for the first time. Everything is new, or at least still interesting. I remember going to Yellowstone National Park when I was in high school. I was fascinated by some things and others made me want to go back to my Star Wars novels. The Grand Canyon blew my mind. I haven't seen anything as fascinating as that, save the Livingston Falls in Zambia (Google it, it'll blow your mind) I remember being torn between wanting to look at all these natural phenomenon and wanting to look 'cool'

In contrast we went to the Pioneer Park campground this afternoon to visit my sister and her in-laws. They are camping for the week and invited us to drop in anytime, so we did. Timmothy was amazed by everything. When he wasn't chanting 'Aunt Nan' he was repeating 'oh Wow'. I mean sticks were fascinating. How long has it been since I thought sticks were cool. The dog was great, the acorns were great, even the volleyball was great. He was just having a ball exploring. As I was following him around, this chapter of 'Pleasures of God' came to mind. I asked myself, "Does he understand this better than I do? Can he possibly understand that something bigger made all this?"

Whether or not he understand the concept of a creator or not isn't important yet. He's not even two years old yet. I do believe he sees the glory of the creation, and that someday he'll understand why; to see the glory of the creator.

So, go take a walk, beathe in the fresh air. Breathe it in deep. Exhale. See the glory of the creation. See the Glory of the Creator.


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