So, what's been going on in your life?

I was recently asked this question by a person who was trying to get a handle on what was going on in my life, spiritually. I didn't really have an answer. That's not entirely true, I did have an answer, it was just a lot of little answers that I wasn't sure how to string into one. I was kinda on the spot (he called me). So I thought I would answer it here and then I'll be ready when the opportunity strikes.

I've been learning about worship. About what it looks like to worship God in everyday situations. In a secular workplace, behind a soundboard, in a congregation. When my truck breaks down, when I'm late for work, and when my co-worker takes the Lord's Name in vain.

I've also been learning about the glory of God. About how he gave creation a glory of it's own, so that it would point to His.

I've been learning about myself. I'm starting to see the patterns of my reactions, I'm seeing where my knee jerk reaction is good and where it's bad. I'm seeing where I've been conditioned by my culture and where I've been made a new man.

I'm learning about my family and how we relate to each other, how we love each other.

I'm learning that I threw away some things when I was younger and that I let go of them too quickly. I'm rediscovering some of the doctrines I was raised with, and seeing them in a different light.

Essentially, I've been great.



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