the Good Stuff

Right now it's peaceful. I'm sitting at the computer, but the redheads are both napping. I can hear kids playing in the playground outside and the occasional car passing by.

It's moments like this that keep me sane. If these moments of serenity didn't happen, I would go crazy. Life is so noisy that I would never see God in anything. I'd never recognize him in the others that shop at the Save-a-lot. I'd never stop to admire the skyline. I'd never be thankful for my next breath. That might seem kinda shallow, like my faith is built on a shifting sand. But it's not my faith in God that's shifty, it's my vision.

Has he ever given me reason to doubt? no.

Has he ever reneged on one of his promises? no.

I have however, and in my tiny speck of a mind God is only as great as I can conceive of him. When my mind is full of white noise and advertising, I have little room left for a great big God. The 30 minutes I steal before work are filled with subtleties and Jesus' softly spoken words. The rest of my day is filled with media, marketing, and truck engines. They drown out whatever peace I may have had. They try to anyway.

I believe in God the Father, maker of Heaven and earth. I believe Jesus Christ his only begotten son, our Lord. I believe in the Holy Spirit.

It's just hard to see him when you can barely hear him over the din and the noise.

So I praise God for moments like these. Blessed are You, Lord God, King of the Universe, You give me space to breath, to rest, and to find peace. Sabbath.

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