Makes you wonder...

So besides falling off the face of the earth last week, I got evangelized. That's right.

In my job I run into a lot of interesting people. Some who talk to people who aren't in the room, some who swear that the president is the anti-Christ, and some who sell Amway. This post is about the latter.

I get information for my last job of the day and I have to clean the common area carpet in a professional building on Seminole, near Henry. So I show up at the appointed time, the owner walks me through the place, we set up and clean the top level. To clean the bottom level, we have to tear down the truck and re-locate, so we do that and proceed to clean the bottom level. We also have to clean the stairs in between the levels. That means I get a break because at Stanley Steemer assistants clean stairs. Not sure why, but they do.

So I'm standing and watching Rodger clean the steps when a 30 some thing dude walks up to me.

"How do you like your job?" he asks.

"I enjoy it a lot" (not entirely true, but I'm wearing the uniform, not gonna dis the company to a stranger).

"How would you like to earn $700 more month?"

"That would be great, but I don't have the time for anything else"

"It only takes 10 hours a week"

"I really don't have an extra 10 hours a week." (this much is true)

"Well, there are 168 hours in a week. You can't spare ten?"

"Look, I have a wife, a son, and church commitments that I feel are a thousand times more important than earning money." (and just like that I'm on the defensive)

"Hey I understand, I'm married with kids too. It's gotta be something that you want bad enough." (I'm not positive he was telling the truth, no ring and it felt hollow on my ears)

"Funny thing is that I already told you I don't want it. I'm really, really not interested."

"You really don't want to make more money?"

At this point I make up something about having to get back to work and I go pretend to do something in the truck, when in reality I take a few things out and put them back in the same place.

I wanted nothing more than to have this guy shut up and leave me alone. I didn't want what he had to offer me. It's that simple. Not that I have anything against Amway, I just have higher priorities.

I really wanted to explain myself, like if I voiced my reasons maybe he would come to agree with me. Perhaps I could break through the profit margins and sales pitches and have a real conversation. Nope, not gonna happen.

Makes me glad that no one approached me with the Gospel like this. I probably would have responded the same way.

So the point is, love people. Let them come to you, because hitting people over the head with the Truth is still hitting them over the head.


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