This book sucked...

...me right in from the first page. Just like that title. Nice huh?

I finished the Church of Irresistible Influence in about 5 sittings, which is really quick for me. I tend to get distracted by the 2 year old so I don't get very far, very fast.

I enjoy it so much because it's not a 'how-to' book, but a 'how we did it' book. Lots of great stories and pictures that you can interact with, rather than 10 steps to reaching your community. A few of them made me cry. That's only a bad thing when my wife sees me because she's supposed to think I'm tough.

The gist of the book is simple. Words alone no longer reach the unreached. They're waiting for proof, or rather, they are so disinterested in words that they will only be reached by tangible love.

It's a true point, that our culture no longer even respects the church. I'm almost a joke to some of my co-workers; that I attend church, and even play guitar in the band. "What the #$%@?" I hear at every mention.

He concludes the book with a point that I will let my friend Jerry DePoy explain. "The best part about this book is the point he makes about no 1 church being able to impact a city alone. The Body of Christ needs to join together to push back the gates of hell."

Another truth that we don't live. How often does your church pray for other churches across town? Are they truly your 'family of God' or are they just lip service? I realize I've failed here. Huge.

The book does get a little repetitive in structure as he introduces an idea and then launches into 'here's what we did land' in every chapter. It isn't annoying, it's just predictable, but then again he's not trying to create a work of art, just a resource.

I say read it. More than that live it. Are you loving others for the sake of love, or are you loving them with an agenda?

I repent of loving people as a ministry. Give me a heart that aches to love.


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