Feeling Convicted.

So Sunday morning we're in our 'Adult Bible Fellowship', and it's a small group, so we get to ask more interesting questions than "say your name and how many kids you have". We've been gone for a few weeks so everyone else was inquiring into what I did for a living.

"I clean carpets for a living. It pretty much sucks" -Me

"That doesn't suck, everyone loves a clean carpet." - Mandy

"That's true, but that's only when we get finished." - Me

"Well, do you pray?" -Mandy

"What?" - Dumbfounded Me

"Do you pray while you're cleaning people's carpets?. You could pray for the customer, for their family, for your co-workers. Think of all those opportunities." - Mandy

Honestly I made up a spiritual answer that wasn't completely true, but it wasn't a lie either because I'm a little too 'Pinocchio' and not enough 'real boy' yet.

That really opened my eyes. How many hours a day do I spend staring at a floor and counting to 3? Why haven't I monopolized on this golden opportunity yet?

So, today I made a point of praying more often. I prayed in the shop this morning for my co-workers, but only after they began a conversation I refused to be a part of. I prayed for 2 of my 4 customers because it didn't cross my mind in the other homes.

Maybe they were short prayers and maybe they were just good intentions, but I figure good intentions are better than none.


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