Patience continued...

This week Jessica and I are both on the worship team. The service is more meditative this week so it's a very simple 'acoustic' band. 2 acoustics, a percussionist and 3 of us singing. We rehearsed the music on Thursday night and it was a lot of fun. Several reasons; 1, Brian (percussionist) knows King Crimson. 2, The muso's are all accomplished enough for us to just feel it, we didn't set anything in stone. Not a note. It's very refreshing to play with players who can just follow.

The thing that stands out the most from Thursday night was a comment Dave (Leader guy) made to me as we were leaving. He said "That was a blast. I can tell you love to lead worship because it's written on your face. You were having the time of your life."

It's the truth. I never feel more alive. I'm the first to point out that worship is not about me, nor is it about having a good time. This is just the thing I needed to hear. All day long I had been thinking about selling guitars. Seriously. Not all of them, but the ones I don't use. My reasoning was simple. "I'll work for a few years and we'll get out of debt and in the meantime we'll just be observers. We'll play in the band, but we'll stay out of the way and just bide our time."

What a cop-out.

God Give me a greater vision than being a sideline player. I know You made me for more than that when others point it out to me. Give me a bigger vision.


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