2 Things I'm recently obsessed with.

I consider myself an art connoisseur. I sample movies and music and look for the best the industry has to offer. Most of it sucks. Really. Bad writing plagues Hollywood like flies on stink. Most of the music produced in the last 10 years sounds the same. No creativity.

So when I say I'm geeked about something, it's not because it's trendy or cool, it's because it is really good.

Erica recently lent us 'Moulin Rouge'. Amazing. Visually stunning, the music is great, but most importantly, the script is next to perfect. Really. There is so much foreshadowing and metaphor that you really need to watch it several times over the course of a week to really get it. I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, so I won't go into detail, but it's really, really good. On the down side there are a lot of sexual references, Nicole Kidman is rarely clothed enough, and there are 2 chapters on the DVD I've never seen. I've heard them with my eyes closed and that was enough. Most of that stuff is at the beginning so if you can get through that, the rest is pure gold.

The second thing I've been geeked about is an artist named Andrew Osenga. He's in the band Caedmon's Call but he's independent as a solo artist. He recently released a homegrown EP called 'Letters to the Editor' where he wrote songs based entirely on fan suggestions. Even in that context his songs have humor, depth and beauty, all while being entirely himself. Just Read.

Maybe getting what you want is a blessing
You may find that it can sting and it can burn
What if it’s just the hand of all that you were missing
Getting what you want is both the blessing and the curse


Cause you, you’re the only thing I really need
And if you say that you want me too
I’ll believe you to follow through
All I want is to be wanted by you

Perfect. Or near as can get. And he wrote and recorded the whole thing in a week or so.

Some music / movies are so well done that they only give me cause to step back and say "wow, that's really well done". These on the other hand, make me want to get out my guitar & notebook and create, create, create. I'm not entirely sure why, just that they resonate in me for some reason. They grab a hold of my ears and rattle around in there endlessly, so I can't ignore them. And that's just fine by me.

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Andrew said...

Moulin Rouge was a movie I would have never watched if it wasn't for Liz and her sister, even Charlie likes it (although it may be because of the previously mentioned Nicole Kidman and lack of clothing). I loved how the movie opens your eyes to see songs being used for a purpose and to tell a story that was not their original