A Few Days Latter...

Without fail, every time I make a semi-important decision, I find myself questioning that decision a few days later. No matter the decision, it's subject or importance, I question it.

I recently decided that I've been focusing too much of my energy on trying to find a job leading worship and not enough on my family. So I've given up my search for a worship position, in favor of loving my wife and son and trying to enjoy what I'm doing now.

I don't feel wrong about it. In fact I feel like I've made the right decision. That's not to say that I'll never lead worship professionally, just that I won't be looking to do it soon. No praying for it either. I'll be praying to be sure, but just for peace, joy, and eyes that open wider in my own home.

So I might question it again down the road, but so far all my instincts tell me that I've done the right thing.


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JessicaLC said...

Thank you for loving us. We sure love you.