I did not expect that.

I was channel surfing an hour ago when a commercial for the next season of American Idol came on. At first I thought I recognized the background music.

"Nah, (I said to myself) There's no way they used that song."

Commercial continues and I was shocked when the vocals came in.

"Holy Crap, (I exclaimed to Jessica) That's the Robbie Seay Band!"

Now don't get me wrong, I think they're great I was just shocked at the song they used. The featured portion is as follows.

Rise, rise, people of love rise
People of love rise,
Give yourself away

Now I see why they would pick it and use just that portion. Taken out of the context of the cross, it could be viewed as a challenge to do your best.

I just love how hundreds of teeny-boppers all pulled out their Razors and used the song recognition feature, and are downloading an album by a Christian Worship artist as I type.

They sorta overlooked this part

If you choose to love,
To know that the call
Is to give all you are
To give love away, away


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