Worship Text-Fessional 1-20-08

This week's text-fessional. We had a pulpit exchange with a church I have mentioned a few times. Pastor Greg VanderMeer from Fellowship Church came and preached while Pastor Russ went there. Pastor Greg came to Fellowship while I was in high School, and I've worked with him a few times, so I already had a good feel for the direction he usually takes things.

Here's what we intended to do.

Welcome / Announcements / love fest
-You Are Good
-Holy Is The Lord
-Give Us Clean Hands - Offering / Prayer Of Confession
Sermon - The Almighty God (not the sorta-mighty God)
Closing Song
-Mighty To Save
-Forever (Backup)

We didn't end up playing Forever at either service and I cut Mighty to Save at the 2nd Service.

I discovered 2 things today;
  1. I like being very early. I planned lots of extra time in my morning routine as the Meteorologist said I would have a ton of snow to clear off my car and that the roads would be terrible. I didn't need to clean anything off my car and the roads were fine. So I was at church 45 minutes before the band. This was a good thing because I didn't feel rushed at all, and so I didn't really get nervous either. Made things go much smoother for me.
  2. Second service I walked on during our ritual love-fest and forgot to plug in my in-ears. I could hear myself speaking in the house because I only use one ear anyway, so It wasn't until I'm playing the intro to You are Good that I discovered my folly. I yank my one ear out and just go for it. So the thing I learned was that sometimes it is good to not be in control. Service went great anyway.

Note for future planning;
  1. Consider the tempo differences between consecutive songs. Drastic difference between You Are Good and Holy is The Lord, made Holy feel almost dirg-ish. I could have started Holy with a quiet chorus or a prayer or a piece of scripture to off-set.
  2. Sometimes it's better to just let the sermon stand on it's own, and not try to fill space at the end.


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Jessica Lynn said...

I'm glad you didn't do "Mighty to Save" and "Forever" and just let the sermon end the service. It worked really well that way.