Worship Text-Fessional Jan 27-08

Today we tied into the theme of unity in the churches of Muskegon that permeated the In-Rush services. Ironically enough we also welcomed new members.

Greetings / Love fest
New Members
-Here is Our King w/ Let my Words be Few Chorus
-Lord, I Give You My Heart
-How Great Thou Art
-The Stand (Offering)
Sermon - Unity of the Churches in Muskegon

2 Thoughts:
  1. We didn't have a song of response because I really don't like forcing a song into a theme. If it fits great, but if it doesn't I'd rather let the sermon stand on it's own.
  2. No-one in the band showed up for rehearsal. My electric player showed up on Sunday so I made him play bass.
Things to think about this week:
  1. The energy during first service was electric. Second service was like pulling teeth. I'm not sure what to do with this.
  2. More communication with the High-School guys would be a good idea.

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