Worship Text-Fessional

This may seem kinda strange in lieu of my recent "Why I Hate Going to Church" post, but I've always wanted to do this.

If you don't know what a Worship Confessional is, it's Carlos' fault. He uses a webcam and intersperses video from the service, but I don't have a webcam and we don't film our services. So there.

Forest Park Jan 13- 2008

-O Praise Him
-Better is One Day (W/ Here I am To Worship Tag)
-You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) - Offering
Sermon - Jesus' Heart For Muskegon
(5 minute mini talk from the Local Under-Sheriff about problems we could solve in our community)
Closing Song
-Mighty To Save

First service was a little awkward. I had played electric guitar during warm ups, but it felt strange so I grabbed my acoustic at nearly the last moment. So my mix was strange and I had a hard time locking in. Second service was better.

I used to try to lead with electric all the time, but I can only split my attention so many ways. When I play acoustic, I can forget about that part of it and just concentrate on singing and leading. My problem is that my facility on the electric is much greater, so I have a hard time just playing rhythm. Live and learn, I'm still not there.

I'm excited about the next time we play 'Mighty To Save'. We're just learning it so, it should be huge the next time. I have been having a hard time singing that chorus while not jumping up and down. It only seems right.

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