Bookends & O

When Cindy left for Spain she entrusted her personal computer to me and my lovely wife. We promised to take good care of her and let her out for walks twice a day. It has been a huge blessing for us as it is 1) a daily reminder that nothing in this house is really mine & 2) a great resource for us. Jessica has done a ton of research about childbirth, I have used it to work at home when I can't get t o church, etc.

One of the things Cindy and I share is a love of eclectic music. We don't often love the same things, but we look for the same qualities in the stuff we listen to. So she recommended some things for me to listen to when she left her computer. I have been diligent and made it through most of it at this point, but not all of it.

One of the albums that I didn't get at first was 'O' by Damien Rice. I tried to listen to it on the way home from work, in the afternoon. I just didn't get it. But then I listened to it on the way too work, in the dark, and it's perfect. I've listened to it once a week since, something that isn't true of any album by any artist.

There was one day when I worked for Stanley Steemer, that I knew was going to be long. 20 Hours Long in fact. I made sure this disc was on my MP3 Player so I could listen to it on the way home, and it was perfect. I actually considered staying up late again so I could listen to it again, driving around town with the street lights guiding me, but I promptly threw that idea out the window.

Yesterday I popped Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel onto my MP3 Player. I tried to listen to it on the way to worship team rehearsal. I didn't get it. There's some crazy effects and Paul Simon singing about trying to save the life of some child, and I don't get it. I fast forward to Mrs. Robinson, because I know that one. Then I listened to Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. Also great, but great anytime.

I played it again tonight on my way home from work, at 10:24 and it just worked. The songs are great, the arrangements are great. it just fit. Even the wierd "voices of old people" wasn't strange in the nightime setting.

So take out a disc you enjoy and spin it at night. Relax, put your feet up and just listen. You might enjoy it more, you might enjoy it less, but just enjoy.

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