I'm so angry right now.

We just got a letter from Arbor Crossings apartments. We live here currently.

Last month we got a letter stating that our rent was going up by $120 a month. Absolute cods-wallop. No Way.

So we told them that we're going to move out early because Jessica is pregnant and we simply can't wait until our lease is up.

This letter states that they want rent for the next 2 months. My Rosy Right Cheek. Not Happening. Injustice, I cry.

Now, how on earth do they claim to be housing for lower- income families?

All I want to to right now is smack someone. "Hello! I can barely pay rent now, there's no way I can pay you more, no matter how you slice it."

And in the back of my Head I hear Philip Yancey saying "Christopher, do you know how far away from Grace you are? Un-grace has gripped your heart, don't let take hold."

So what do I do? Tell them no? Tell them I will try, (I won't like it but I can try)



Christine said...

Do you have a copy of the contract you signed when you agreed to rent? I advise you inspect it carefully. There is no reason to accept injustice; God does not expect us to always be a mat on which people can wipe their feet. Jesus certainly wasn't passive when clearing the temple of moneychangers. You can be just with these people as God is just. Just check your contract, make sure you're not responsible for a full 12-months. Also, they cannot change your rent in the middle of your contract. Please let me know how it goes. God Bless.

Andrew Betts said...

What Christine said. You're most likely safe, but it can be fought if need be. There are other loopholes (like not being able to kick you out). Keep us updated, we're all here for you.

Nancy said...

Pay them with Monopoly money....(trying to lighten the mood).

Seriously, diddo the other comments. They can't force you to pay 2 months in advance. Maybe try and work out a payment plan. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time they've done it...