Setting my Sights on Heaven.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Russ challenged the gathered multi-church of Muskegon that our vision was too small. Our vision for our city and our vision for ourselves. I agree.

The problem in realizing that you're vision is too small, is this; what vision isn't? How do I know that if I give up this vision that the next will be better?

I've long empathized with A-millennialism. They believe that there will be no Millenium of Jesus reign on earth, rather that we (the church) will make the world better until it becomes the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, when you believe that it's up to you to make the world better you do crazy things like establish the Salvation Army and abolish slavery in the British empire. I disagree with their theology, but I love how real it is to them. I wish my theology was as compelling to me. I find it all too easy to sit on my hands and watch the world go down. To quote the modern philosopher John Mayer, "I'm waiting on the world to change" while my A-Mill friends prefer Robbie Seay "People of love rise, give yourself away".

I've been turning this over in my mind for a while now, about 6 months. I decided that church needed more songs about heaven, and the contrast of living in the here and now. The now and not yet aspect of the Gospel. I didn' get very far because I didn't really know why we needed more of those songs. I do now.

I really have no idea who reads this stuff. I know my sister and my wife and sometimes my parents do. I have a few friends who mention it once in a while and that's cool. I didn't start this to have readership, I started this just to write. I don't care who you are or why you RSS this blog. What I do care about is the church recapturing a vision of Heaven. I admonish you to set your sights higher. Long for a place you haven't seen. It is a glorious Land worthy of daydreaming. A place where the Lion lies down with the Lamb, tears are washed away, and God himself will be our light.

Now the danger of setting our sights on heaven is forgetting that we're still here on earth. To quote the modern philosopher Derek Webb, " I can't deny this fallen world / Though not my home it's where I live / How can I preserve and light the way / For a world that I can't admit I'm in?" We need to lift our eyes to heaven, but keep our feet firmly planted on the soil. We exist in the now but not yet, we walk around with our feet on the ground but our eyes in the sky.

God give us a bigger vision of what our city could become. Of who we are and where we are.

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