Worship Text-Fessional 2-10-08

Today was crazy. Just mad.

First of all, we had blizzard / white-out conditions so driving was not safe. We did not cancel, because apparently we're tough in Muskegon. Right.

As a result of the white-out conditions I drove about 30-35 on the 31 going south. I could see 50-70 yards out and I had control of the car. Suddenly there were brake lights directly ahead of me. I tried to go into the other lane, but the car wasn't responding. I tried to tap my brakes and suddenly my car is spinning.

I had a bit of church there in my 2001 Neon. "Dear God...."

I ended up backwards in the median, all the way into my front tires. Not good. What is good is that the other side is a metal railing because it's a hill. I could have 1) destroyed the car on the railing, or 2) destroyed the car and myself going over the railing.

Ironically enough I still got to church on time. My dad came and picked me up and took me to FPCC, we're going to get the car tomorrow.

On top of that, I had only 2 other band members Thursday night for rehearsal. The bassist and tenor. So we had to learn all the songs, not just warm up.
I ended up throwing out our Offering song and replacing it with our Hip-Pocket tune for the day. (We always plan a backup in case Russ goes short or things end much differently than we plan.) Then I totally re-arranged the rest. So this is how it went down, not how it was planned.

Welcome - Pastor Russ
Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Baloche
Mighty To Save - Hillsongs
(Baby Baptism 2nd Service only)
Majesty - Delirious
Inside Out - Pastor Russ
Take My Life - Tomlin

We had probably less than half our regular attendance.

After all that, I had one of the best mornings I've had at FPCC. I mean, nothing could go wrong, I already had that out of the way. I was really relaxed and 'in the pocket'. It was refreshing.

2 thoughts.
  1. Mighty To Save - I'm not sure if people are responding to this one or not. It seems like they are, but they're not sure if they're supposed to. I'm gonna give it a break.
  2. I'm realizing how much goes through my mind during worship. Unfortunately most of it is self-critical. Not cool. I'm learning that I'm not who I thought I'm supposed to be (does that make any sense?) so as I'm letting go of the stuff I came up with, I hear the deceiver whispering into my ear. I'm learning to recognize the lies and reject them, it's just hard to do when I'm in a questioning mode. Are they into this? What if we...? It's getting better though.
So overall. Today was great.

I am disappointed that Nancy and Jack didn't try to dig out. I think Jack's just intimidated by my obvious Guitar-Hero Skill and trembles at the thought of a possible head to head.


Andrew Betts said...

Remember when you bounced your parents car onto the top of the snow bank? I still can't figure out you did that or how we got you out of there.

Christopher said...

Actually that was quite easy. It head on and I couldn't turn. We get it off with your 4-wheel drive and a lot of shoveling.

Nancy said...

No, we didn't try to dig out.

2 words for you. Snow. Bank.

See why?

Preggers McGee doesn't need to be in a snowbank, thank you very much!