Worship Text-fessional 2-17-8

We had a lot of rain on Saturday and then freezing temperatures on Saturday night, consequently we were a little low on attendance again. Not anywhere as low as last week however.

Here's what went down;
Welcome & Announcements - Pastor Russ
Call To Worship - Me
The Famous One - Tomlin
Here I Am To Worship - Hughes
Come Thou Fount - Crowder
Offering: This Is Our God - Tomlin
The Crumb Snatchers (Jesus Reaches the Marginalized) - Pastor Russ
This Is Our God - Tomlin
Benediction - Pastor Russ

Thursday night's rehearsal saw me with only 1 of our vocalists and no-one else. Last week I had a vocalist and my bassist. This is getting a little old. Several people contacted me and let me know ahead of time, but several didn't. My bass player forgot so I had to call and have his parents wake him up. We didn't have time to run all the songs once with him before the
gathering started. I'll be doing some serious communicating this week.

I was kinda pre-occupied with all this stuff on Sunday, so I had a hard time focusing.

So worship was fine, I'm just sick of settling for fine.

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