And then I fell of the face of the earth, and forgot to post a follow up.

I didn't really fall off the face of the earth, I just got busy. The earth is round after all, so you can't really fall off.

I have been sick since Tuesday, which isn't a huge deal, except that I HAVE TO SING ON SUNDAY AND AS OF YET, CANNOT. Slightly concerned.

I also snapped the tie rod in my car. Not my car exactly, but my parents car that I drive all the time. Fortunately, I had mostly completed my turn into our driveway when it happened.

I also watched a Special on John Denver this morning on PBS. I didn't realize he was such a good singer before now.

Then my crowning moment for the week. Timmy and I were roughhousing on our bed. He was standing on my stomach, which is good for the abs by the way, and jumped off. He made contact with the bed and bounced again. Actually it was more like a dive. So I guess he dove off the bed, into the crevasse between the bed and the wall. I reacted instinctively and grabbed him by the legs and pulled him back onto the bed. He then took his liberty to cry out for his mother. He's fine now.

In retrospect, it wasn't until after I pulled him out that he started to cry. dang.

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Andrew Betts said...

Glad to hear Timmy is ok. You need to feel better. Also you mentioned something about getting a hold of me this past week, I should be home most nights except tomorrow evening (although possibly all day until then).