The flippancy of inertia.

I was having an e-conversation with one of our worship team members this week. He made mention of how he has played in many different bands, but he considers what we do in worship team to be much, much more important than all the others.

That thought has been ringing in my head all day. That what we do on Sunday mornings really is more important than everything else I do. I really do believe that.

It also occurred to me that I take that for granted. I have a tendency to be flippant about things related to our Sunday gatherings. I'm not extremely concerned about ending right on time because I pray that our meetings are led by the Holy Spirit and not my watch. I think that's a good thing.

I can also be kinda 'loose' with the team.They show up late, but it's not that big a deal. In all actuality it is a big deal. I get really flustered when people are late, but I don't want to turn into a micromanaging maniac, so I just let it roll off. Maybe I need to pull those folks aside and express this to them.

I also loose sight of how great our God is and my worship suffers for it. I once heard a preacher say that your trust of God (or worship of God) can never be greater than your vision of God. As a leader I can't paint a brilliant picture of God if I've only got a faded wallet sized photo. On a similar note, our gatherings will only ever be gatherings, if we don't have a greater vision for what they are and could become. I often get hung up on whether people are singing along or not. Or raising their hands or clapping or...

In the back of my head I hear "Just go for it. Don't ignore the congregation, but just worship and more will follow because of it." It kinda sounds British so it could be Martin Smith. I doubt it though.

God give me a greater vision of who you are and why we worship.

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