I am man.

Last night I participated in a time honored male tradition.

It spans centuries.

Nay, Millenniums.

I tinkered.

That's right. I went out side and I 'tinkered'.

I said, "Jessica, I'm going tinker around outside".

It was cold.


Nancy said...

"I said, "Jessica, I'm going tinker around outside"."

Your typo makes it sound like you peed outside. Is that a time honored male tradition?

Jessica Lynn said...

Oh my! Nan I am laughing too hard!

This is what he gets for not having me proof-read it before he publishes!

I think peeing outside isn't so much of a male tradition as it is a male convenience! =P

Christopher said...

While that is a time honored male tradition, it's not the one I meant.

I'm kinda saving that one for warmer weather.