Last night

Last night Jessica and I went to hang (out) with some people who are somewhat like minded. It was a good time with some joking and some informal questions. Some getting into each others lives and finding out what's really going on. Also there was veggies and peach cobbler. I didn't say a word for 5 minutes for jealousy over my peach cobbler.

It's too bad it wasn't church. I always make a point of interjecting something positive and uplifting in every conversation, but I don't have to make an effort with this group. They're naturally like that.

We went to our birthing class.

No nurses, no white board, no 'class notes'. Just a living room, a slide-show, some videos, and a lot of good, old fashioned conversation. Rabbit trails? Tons. Stupid questions? Not a one. They didn't let on if there were anyway.

I no longer question if we're doing the right thing.

Some asked the midwife what they thought about circumcision. I had an answer prepared for when she asked me what we did. She never did, but she did present my opinion even though she's against it. What on earth? Apparently I've got a lot to learn about people.

And when we got home Nancy was watching Eric Clapton on PBS. I finished the show for her, out of courtesy of course. He did a few tunes with Steve Winwood and then finished the show with a group jam; Clapton, Winwood, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, and a lot of old guys. I think I saw Steve Gadd on drums too.

Lots of goodness in 1 evening.


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Andrew Betts said...

Glad things are going well. I think I've seen that Clapton show before (unless it was a new one). Too bad PBS comes in so shoddy here.