So...I'm a liar.

One of the things I love about the worship team at Forest Park is that they will follow me anywhere. I could break into "Do You Feel Like We Do?" and they would find a way to make it work. As long as I warned them ahead of time, they'll go anywhere. Just so long as they know how we're getting back.

Another cool thing is that they give me feedback about how things are going, from a worship standpoint. "This song really connects" or "This ties into the scripture really well." But I never hear feedback on a musical level. I can ask what they think of what they just played and they'll I can only hear the hum of the sound system.

So tonight we were rehearsing 'All hail the power of Jesus Name', the Tomlin version with the extra chorus. Problem is, we wanted to do it a bit faster, so to make the chorus work we had to slow down the song just before the chorus and bring the dynamic down. It just didn't work. I was just gonna scrap it and do hymn without the chorus, but Brian says "I think this is a good place to put in something more meditative. That would feel right." I trust the Spirit to move through other people on the team besides me, so I wanted to at least try something. So I stepped up and let fly with "Here is our King, here is our love..." and it fit pretty well. A small dynamic change, but the flow was better because we didn't change tempo.

So long story short; I'm a big liar. I said I retired that song, but she's back. Well, the chorus is anyway.

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Andrew Betts said...

Lying is bad, mm-kay?