Worship Text-Fessional 3-16-8

I've decided to do my Confessionals on Wednesdays now, seeing as this is my office day.

Welcome and announcements
O Praise Him
Here I Am To Worship
You Are My King - Offering
Which crowd are you following? - Pastor Russ
Here Is Our King

Sunday was a struggle for me. I was sick from about Monday afternoon so I thought I'd be done with it by Sunday. I'm still sick, so obviously I was sick on Sunday morning. I could kinda hear, but not well enough to be confident I was hittting the right pitches. I also lost the upper half of my register, so I was a baritone this week. That didn't change too much because I usually key things down into my lower register because it's more comfortable for the rest of the congregation, even If I can't hit the lower notes, they can.

The band was really on this week, which is always great.

Hosanna went over really well. 2nd service we even had the kids come wave the palm branches during the choruses (no kids at 1st, so that's out of the question)

O Praise Him was kinda wierd. I dunno but it seems like all of Crowder's songs are a little to the left of center, if you know what I mean. They're good tunes, but I'm starting to think they can be too 'anthemic' for our crowd.

Here Is Our King is officially retired as long as I'm leading at FPCC. The chorus is sweet, the bridge is cool, but the verses are wierd. Too wierd in fact, so it gets to join such great tunes as "I Worship you, Almighty God" and "Ancient of Days" in the retired bin. Thanks for the hard work, here's your gold watch, we'll call you if we need you.


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Andrew Betts said...

I'm glad things went well. We couldn't make it into town this week due lack of gas and we will probably be at church with my parents on Easter (well maybe) so we may see you this week and we may not. Hope all else is going well.