Worship Text-Fessional 3-23-8

Easter Sunday.


I had a challenging week leading up to Sunday. Several of my scheduled team had to cancel on me for one reason or another. So lots of last minute replacements. That meant I had 2 different rehearsals with 2 halves of the band. We put everything together Sunday morning and it worked out fine.

You Are Good
All Hail the Power (W/ Here is Our King)
Mighty To Save
My Redeemer Lives (sermon response)

First service I had a tuning problem with my guitar. My G was suddenly an F. So I played 'All Hail' and 'Mighty to Save' on the bottom 3 strings. Re-tuned during the special music.

Second service was huge. I mean literally, the place was packed. I've never seen it packed like this, not even for In-Rush. I came in from the side, looking at my feet, grabbed my guitar, then looked up. "Holy cats!"

I realized right then and there, that this Worship leadership role is extremely serious. Not just important, but really important. Not me, but what I'm doing. A lot of these folks will base their opinion of Forest Park on how I sing and play the guitar. I decided right away that I can't let that drive me, that wasn't big enough to be a driving force.

We also served continental breakfast between services. I loved the sausage. I think we're gonna get a slow cooker and keep it in my office so we can have sausage between services every week.

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Andrew Betts said...

Well I'm glad everything went well. We didn't even get to Muskegon until after Midnight and woke up late that morning.