Worship Text-fessional 3-9-8

Today was an interesting day;

Welcome & Call To Worship - Me
Holy, Holy, Holy (Gary Oliver)
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty (Trad)
Blessed be Your Name (Redman)
Offering: Hosanna (Baloche)
Baby Dedication - 2nd service only
Selective Hearing - Pastor Russ
We Fall Down - Tomlin
Benediction - Pastor Russ

I had planned on playing electric this week, but I popped a string during sound-check. Threw that right out the window.

I also had a singer who wasn't feeling well, so she found herself a replacement. Only thing was, she'd never sung with us before and I had never met her until today. I didn't even know she was going to be there until she walked in and said "I'm singing for Pam"

Lastly, the baby dedication was my own son, Timothy Scott Culver. We hadn't had him dedicated before because we hadn't been a part of a church we felt a part of before, that dedicated baby's anyway. We had the chance to have him baptized, but we didn't take it.

I feel like things are getting easier now, I'm focused more on why I'm singing and less on the little details. It's a good feeling.

Anybody there have any feedback? Good? Bad? Bring it.


Jessica Lynn said...

I'll bring it!

Worship was great! You really seemed to be worshiping and not worrying about what the congregation was doing! Fan. Tas. Tic!

P.S. You're a hunk!

Andrew Betts said...

I thought things went pretty well. Small little gremlins, but nothing that couldn't be handled. :-)