American Idol; what will they think of next?

So here's the infamous 'Shout to the Lord' on American Idol, that everyone else in the world saw on TV. I had to wait until Chris from Canada blogged it.

Just a few questions;

1> Jesus name is good enough to use in vain, constantly, but it's not good enough to use in honor?

2> Why did they do this? I mean, if this is 'the best of the best' why do a lame arrangement of an overplayed song? I'm not impressed. I did appreciate the one sustained note that resolved itself when they hit the new key. That was cool, but Jeff Deyo did that all over the first Sonicflood record, so they still don't win any points from me.

3> Is this worship? the Bible says that even the skies cry forth his glory, but are people who don't know Jesus and are, in reality, trying to glorify themselves, capable of accidentally worshiping in the process? hmm.....

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Nancy said...

Well, last night on the results show they sang it again, but they actually sang "My Jesus, My Savior". They must have had a lot of negative response about that.
I agree that it seemed, I dunno, off? They don't ever do anything remotely Christian-music like, and in the past have actually told singers with a history of worship leading that this was not the show for them, yet they sing a, as you say, "overplayed" Christian song on their biggest show of the season for what?