For the sake of an update,

I haven't intended to be away from this here blog-awesome-ness, but life has been busy the last few.
  • I'm being trained for a Supervisor position at Circuit City, so I've had that on my mind
  • I've been hanging out with the soon to be worship pastor at Forest Park, so I've had that on my mind. My replacement, essentially, although I don't plan on going anywhere. Ask me about that sometime.
  • Baby on the way, so I've had that on my mind.
  • Wife is pregnant, so I've had that on my mind.
I'm starting to see a pattern...Other than having a lot on my mind life has been shinny.

In my scarce (read: sacred) free time I've been re-reading some of my favorite books. Blue Like Jazz last week and The Great Divorce this week. Some people read C.S. Lewis and he become a gateway drug into other Christian writers. I can't imagine moving on. He paints the distance between dark and light so vividly it becomes tangible. His Christianity is one that rose up out of the dust and the depth and refused to let the place stay so dusty. Mine is one that got out of the dust and depth and transplanted in the sterile and the tidy. I want to be more like him.

I've also re-discovered the Gin Blossoms. Yeah, you read that right, I'm from the 90's and I am proud of who I am. Obviously their singer Jesse Valenzuela isn't singing about the same kind of redemption and love that Lewis does, he still paints it as a contrast to rather than an escape from the dust and the depth.

Anyway, that's my week without the details; boring, interesting or otherwise.


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