What's with all the Irish guys?

I've seen 3 new movies in the last month.

August Rush / Once / P.S. I Love You

All the main Male characters were Irish musicians. Singer/Songwriters in fact.

Louis Connelly - August Rush - Irish
Guy - Once - Irish
Gerry Kennedy - P.S. I Love You - Irish

I was going to include Alex Rover from Nim's Island but it's the same actor as P.S. I Love You. So it gets disqualified.

I have a few theory's about this sudden inundation of Irish-ness.

1. We're being invaded and they want to make sure we can speak the language first.
2. Their accents are obviously 'foreign' making them 'exotic'. Ladies like 'exotic'.
3. Irish music is just way better than the crap on American radio, so Hollywood's trying to make better movies by using Irish musicians.

Could be I just need to get out more.


Andrew Betts said...

I'll go with Celtic in general. I like a good chunk of Scottish music, but well ...

Nancy said...

definitely need to get out more.