The Cutting Edge

Delirious - The Cutting Edge

I realize that it's a little late for me to review this album as it's 11 years old. But I feel like I owe it to the guys in Delirious to mention it.

This album was groundbreaking as it paved the way for the modern worship movement. Delirious doesn't just play modern rock worship music, they do it so well and with so much passion that you can't imagine a time when this wasn't the norm.

Some of the songs are amazing. Obsession, I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever, I've Found Jesus, Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? all made a mark on the current crop of worship bands. Sure there's filler, but it's exquisite filler.

I personally owe these guys a lot.

There's a line in the song Not Ashamed where Martin sings "Play like you're not ashamed!" That line alone has had more influence on me as a musician than I can give credit for. I get comments in church often about my use of effects (I used a Wah this past week) because I'm the only guy around who does that kind of stuff. Everyone else is concerned with what other people will think. I've always just gone full on, because Martin not only told me too, but Stu G. showed me how.

I often find myself unsure of what to play, so I think 'What would Stu do?' No joke.

So if you've never heard 'The Cutting Edge' give them a shot. I promise you'll like it.

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