I gave up

I'm just not interested in programming and HTML and all that other crap that I would need to know to design the site myself. So here I am again, back with a blogger template that has no character.


Anonymous said...

I didnt really like the previous "skin". It was difficult to read the text. This is alright.

Mom and I have passes to all the Summer Celebration Concerts, so I'm pretty sure that we'll be going deaf soon.
Also, Sunday afternoon a 3:00, I'm playing BG for the Community Worship Service, which is being held on the Regional Stage. I just found out today, Jeremy is leading the music.
Anywho, Mom may not want to see Kansas on Saturday night, so if you aint working, this is your chance. I want to sit in the front row, wear jeans, a tie die tee shirt, peace sign bandana and tear drop sunglasses.
That should get my mug on TV.


Nancy said...

I think this is just fine. Sorry if I pushed you into my world of html. It's not for everyone! :-)

Billy Chia said...

This one's pretty nice.

I always like "clean and readable" over "flashy and non-functional."

If you google "blogger templates" there's some nice pre-fab stuff out there.