Worship Observational 6-22-8

Sunday we went to Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church. This is the church that the Headhunter is searching for. Actually, he knows where they are, he's searching so they don't have to.

By the way this wasn't an 'Official' visit, we were gonna be in town and it seemed prudent to make sure they're not wackos. After the service we met with a couple who are on the planning team and the search committee. Just to say hi, and ask a few questions, nothing formal, just a conversation. They're not wackos.


We went to the 'Contemporary' service, which goes on simultaneous to one of the Traditional services. It wasn't very 'Contemporary', it was more 'Post-Modern' and very cool.

Here's what they did.
Greeting and housekeeping - Some dude with trendy jeans
VBS preview and commissioning.
I Have Come To Worship - Sonicflood
Our Love is Loud - David Crowder Band
Sermon - Interim Senior Pastor Joel Somethingorother
Glorious - Chris Tomlin
Original Song "I don't know the title, but it was cool" - Offering
Jesus Paid it All - Kristin Stanfill

1. The band was very tight, very professional. The keyboard player had a Mac on a stand running loops. very cool. This did cause a few awkward transitions while the next loop was queuing, but once they started, they were very on.

2. The service was in a Gym, but they used the space well. It didn't feel like a gym. They had a few candles, some other lighting to offset the 'gym-ness'.

3. Interim Pastor Joel Somethingorother wore a tie. He was the only 1 in the room. I'm sure it's because they broadcast the sermon into the other service and it's appropriate for that space. It was just a stark contrast from the dude with trendy jeans.

4. They took offering while everyone was standing up. What an original idea. Really. I nearly gasped in excitement.

Overall a great service.

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