The Grocery Store Incident

I was always confused by the French/Indian War. I never could figure out who was fighting who because the title didn't make sense. It was by all accounts, poorly titled. So is this post.

This afternoon Red-Headed Beauty declares that she must go the the grocery store. She asks Blue- Eyed Boy if he want's to go, and it's a yes. This is perfect because she can take the kids and I can finish re-stringing my guitar. That gives me plenty of time to wear in the strings so I can use it fearlessly on Sunday.

Except that I, off the cuff, suggested that Red-Headed Girl should stay with me. She was almost asleep at the time, so 'no problem' I think.

Until Mommy walks out the door and little lady needs to be held. The. Entire. Time. No string changing, no guitar playing, just baby holding. (Now I enjoy holding my little girl. Her sleeping on my chest is better than a chocolate shake, and a chocolate shake, my friends, is a very good thing.)

So now we're onto plan B, which is sitting at the computer and listening to Genesis 'Seconds Out'.

Not bad at all.

After Red-Headed Beauty has been gone for about an hour I start to get worried. I don't really worry about this kind of thing often. I wouldn't have worried this time, except that She keeps watching 'serious news' shows about people being abducted from the grocery store and never seen again. I seriously had our home 'phone book' open to the page with my Uncle's cell number. (if you know who my Uncle is this give a sense of severity to the situation. If only in my own head)

She of course was fine, I was freaked out. I guess I understand why she gets worried about me when I get home from worship team 2 and a half hours late.

Sorry, Honey.

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Jessica Lynn said...

Good, I'm glad I freaked you out. It's about time you "walked a mile in my shoes" so-to-speak. Now maybe you will call when you're running late!

It was really nice to have my Blue-Eyed Boy all to myself. Thanks.

P.S. I love you!