Lead Guitar Confessional 7-20-8

Today I played Lead guitar and sang BGV's at FPCC.

Enough -E
The Stand - A
Empty Me - E (Jeremy Camp)
Give Me Jesus - C (Fernando Ortega)

This week was a lot of fun for my guitar nerd alter ego. Thursday, pastor Chris and I got all his gear together and got it all sorted out. He's got the infamous Schecter Worship guitar, an electric that has a piezo in the bridge with a stereo output. So we spent way too much time geeking out on Thursday.

Rehearsal on Friday was a blast, getting to hear the fruits of our labor. I've spent lots of time with my own guitar rig and I've never had that feeling of 'whoa that sounds good'. His creativity inspired me, so I brought some stuff I don't normally use, just to give it a whirl.

All said, it was a good morning.

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