Parent’s University: Don’t Forget You’re Married

I used to read Kat's Music blog, like everyday. She introduced me to Stephen Delopoulos and he's freaking sweet.

Point is that Red-Headed Beauty read's her blog regularly and participates in the Parent's University with some regularity. She asked me to weigh in with a few thoughts, so I've prepped my 'literary scales'...(that was a joke. 'Weigh,' 'scales,' get it?) To read her post on the topic go here.

Don't Forget You're Married.

1. Kiss your spouse before you leave the house. I've kissed Red-Headed Beauty before I left the house everyday we've been married. (with the obvious exception of when she's on the other side of the state) I've heard that it's supposed to make men live longer, but I don't know about all that. I do know that she stays on my mind during my drive to work. I'll pray for her, sometimes I just write really bad love songs, as 5:45 is not the time to be poetic. Just kiss the girl, alright.

2. Sex. Ladies, you need to know that when your husband married you, there was lots of sex on his mind. It's true. You've heard the phrase "seeing red" when someone is really mad. Well, he was seeing sex. All of his life he was told that sex is how he becomes a 'man.' Inaccurate as that is, it's an accurate picture of the culture we live in.

If you really want to understand your man and his sex drive, you need to read Wild at Heart by John Etheridge and Every Man's Battle by Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker. Read them, read them with your Girlfriends and then read them with your husbands.

3. Men, Love your wives. Lay your interests down for her, in the same way that Christ loved the church. Make a point of winning her heart everyday. Imagine how smooth your relationship would be if you made a point of showing her love everyday. She just might make a point of #2 everyday.

Just sayin'...

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thesecretlifeofkat said...

I love that you both posted on this...it's neat to see each of your perspectives.