What is it gonna take?

Far about 8 months now my favorite album has been Hillsong United's All of The Above. It's really well produced and the songs are several steps above the average Hillsong album. Point of Difference, Desperate People, Hosanna, Savior King are all standout tracks, but there's no weak matterial here. Every song is worth listening to, which is important in the land of iPods. I know part of the reason that the songs are so strong is the presence of 12 songwriters. Most of the tunes are collaborated instead of individualy grown. The obvious exception being Brooke Frasers tunes, but I'm not even gonna get started on her. That's just not fair to everyone else.

The thing is, I haven't felt this strongly about a 'worship' album before or since. Even my very favorite Charlie Hall album has weak tunes. Tomlin's 'See the Morning' was a step backwards and Crowder's Remedy would have been a better release as an EP. Paul Baloche's A Greaters Song is the best he's ever done with a lot of seable stuff, but there's still filler and the production gets old about half-way through. Brenton Brown's disc is pretty solid, but it's every good song he's written in the last 10 years, so It's not new matterial.

So what is it gonna take for us to get these guys together to write for the church? I think Vertical Music had a good idea with their Worship Project Albums, but those didn't pan out because the artists only got together to record. They covered each other's songs and played on each other's songs, but the did'nt write together.

I reall enjoy modern worship music, but I fear that or songwriting quality is going down. There are more albums with fewer songs that I as a worship leader excited about singing, but I know without a doubt that the tallent exists.

I know you guys are capable of more, that's my point.

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