Worship Confessional 6-29-8

It's been most of a week since Sunday, but I'm still gonna confess. Mostly I'm going to post my set-list, because I know some of my e-peeps like to peruse those. Probably just Billy Chia.

(Note: This week I guest led at a new church called Renovate.)

Welcome -Pastor Dave
Here Is Our King
Jesus Paid It All
Marvelous Light
How Great Is Our God
Community Happenings
Summer Cineplex: Indiana Jones
One Pure And Holy Passion

Renovate is very near and dear to my heart. They are very excited to be the church. Not to do church, but to be the church.

The band was a pretty good. Just loose enough to be exciting, but never reckless or sloppy. The vocalists were also killer. They needed almost no direction to find some cool harmonies. I love me the harmonies.

I've decided that the next time I lead at Renovate or probably anywhere, I'm going to play electric. I realize that's against Tomlin's rules of P&W but that's what I am. I started on electric. I'm stronger on electric, and Renovates band is good enough that they don't need me to keep the tempo for them.


1 comment:

Billy Chia said...

Yes, the set list! Great set too.

I totally hear ya on leading from the electric.