Worship Confessional 7-13-8

Yesterday I lead worship at Renovate. I think it went well.

O Praise Him (G)
Holy Is The Lord (G)
Here I Am To Worship (E)
-Community Happenings
Glory Of It All (A)
Mighty To Save (A)
Once - Dave Nagel

1. I was very nervous about Worship yesterday. We didn't have a rehearsal and I've never played with this particular band before. I had played with all the players, but never at the same time and never in this setup. So I was a little skeptical. Needlessly, as it turns out. They pulled it together in our 45 minute rehearsal time. It came together despite the fact that we were fighting with the monitors the whole rehearsal.

2. Speaking of monitors, if I ever play at Renovate again, I'm going bring my own, because the leader doesn't get one. The singers share one and the band shares the other. I stand in front of them, no box for me. I felt 'pitchy' during the service (a fact that was later confirmed by my red-headed beauty) and that always makes me second guess myself.

3. Stop second guessing yourself.

4. When I got there, I was reminded that they play in Eb tuning rather than E standard. This makes a lot of sense in a worship context, because you can lower the keys a little without making enemies of the guitar players. This is best when you know ahead of time, so you're guitar can 'settle' in the new tuning. Consequently, I had some tuning problems with my Guitar during warm up. No problems during the service.

On a side note, Blue-Eyed Boy lost his 'guy.' (read: pacifier) You can read about the ensuing adventure here.

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