5 More songs to 'actually learn.'

1. Make A Joyful Noise to the Lord / I Will Not Be Silent by the David Crowder*Band - I kinda know this one, but the guitar part is so cool that I get intimidated by it. How dumb is that?

2. We Are Finding Who We Are by King's X - I've always dug Ty's tone and this whole record (Faith Hope Love) is full of cool guitar parts.

3. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac - Another song that I "Know"but can't really play. I need to.

4. Enough Time by Andy Gullahorn - (I downloaded his album at NoiseTrade.com, you know you want to give it a try.) This song is really romantic, and I'm learning it so I can sing it to my wife. But don't tell her.

5. Learning to Live by Dream Theater - Because If I could play this tune solid I could pay the bills with my guitar playing. And that of course has been my dream since High School.

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