5 Songs I'd like to take past the 'Air Guitar' phase

1. Siberian Khatru by Yes - because Steve Howe is the guitar player that made me want to play, and this is the first song I really wanted to learn.

2. Blackbird by the Beatles - because it's the Beatles and everyone on earth (myself included) plays it wrong.

3. Big Love by Fleetwood Mac - Lindsey Buckingham was the first guitarist I heard to play with real taste and this song just kills.

4. Right Now by Van Halen - the solo on this song (the only real guitar part come to think of it) is far and away the sweetest rock solo. Period. If I could play this and not sound like a hack I would consider myself "Arrived"

5. Doxology by Michael Gungor - if you haven't heard it, you need to search for it on YouTube. It's amazing.

Today's 5 was suggested byMy Red-Headed Beauty.


rob said...

what about the solo in Stairway to Heaven?

rob said...

or Stevie Tay Vaughn on "pride and joy"...or something Mark Knopfler did, or maybr Hendrix on Voodoo Child or possibly "Born to Lose" featuring Michael Schenker....