Iron Man = Best Hero Movie Ever!

In My Humble Opinion, of course.

At very least it was the most fun I've had at a movie in memory. I'm a total Sci-Fi Junkie; I saw Episodes 1-3 at the 12am showings, I'll even admit in public that I own Star Trek movies on DVD.

I've never had so much fun in a flick. I don't know if it's an assumption that this kind of movie is supposed to be really serious, or if it was the first 3rd of the movie being in a terrorist camp that set it up, but the bulk of the movie was hilarious.

It's worth my money on DVD. I never say that.

If you haven't seen it, it is running at the Plaza 1&2. That's in Muskegon in case you're not.


Andrew Betts said...

Iron Man was great. Right now though The Dark Knight is winning for best movie ever in my book.

rob said...

you've made a wise choice here, Iron Man is da bomb!

Anonymous said...

Yeah man!
This has the best sub-plot social moral message ever.
Tony Stark see's first hand the results of his personal greed and lack of compassion.
Not seeing himself as anything but broken, privately then publicly repents and vows to make things right. In the preperation, learns that his materialistic life and relationships are shallow, and begins to rebuild his value system to include the people around him.
Needing no witty banter with the bad guys, he takes care of business.
In the end, still not seeing himself as the "Hero" good guy type, stands up and holds aloft the banner of truth (sorry bout' the prose).
Wow. all this from a Marvel comics character.


Christopher said...

I agree. I tend to shy away from movies that have an overt moral message, because I don't like feeling browbeat. This is nice because it's really subtle. There's no commentary on his lifestyle change, you just watch him do it. You could also argue that he trades one obsession for another and that he's not a better person, but I think he did change. He's not an anti-hero, just a low-key hero.