Noise Trade : the best way to ruin the music business

I heart Derrek Webb. I saw him and Sandra at Calvin College before he left Caedmon's Call. It was an amazing show that gave me the courage to be myself as a songwriter. But as much as that show and album changed my world, it didn't really change the CCM scene very much. Not as much as I imagined it could.

When DW released 'Mockingbird' for free on the internet, I was again amazed and excited by what this could mean. But again the Tortise of modern money making would not be swayed by DW's hare.

Enter Noise Trade.

I. Am. Blown. Away!

I gave Mr. Webb 3 email addresses. He gave me 'The Ringing Bell'.

I have so many things to say about Noise trade that I don't know where to start.

You may very well have ruined the industry, Mr. Webb. Not for everyone, of course. For those of us who believe that the music is secondary to the message, you have become a priest of sorts; opening the way for us to enter the temple and join the other believers. For those who make music for love of music, You have given them the means to earn the currency they wanted in the first place; connections, relationships.

I am excited to see where this goes.

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